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Китай пол осмотр каталог

cfi - это профессиональный контроль пола / qc в Китае.

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мы ориентируемся только на инспекции пола, мы стараемся помочь вам решить все вопросы в области пола.

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профессиональный контроль фарфора профессиональный контроль фарфора

обещание cfi

воспользуйтесь нашими профессиональными инспекционными услугами и избегайте потенциальных проблем с полом и рисками для импорта!

бамбуковый паркет - окрашенный по краям бамбуковый паркет - окрашенный по краям

бамбуковый паркет - окрашенный по краям

ручная ломка с легкой щеткой окрашенный щеткой один край три разных размера ширины, выглядит больше природы плотность: 1050 кг / м3

увидимся 20 марта в Домотексе Азии увидимся 20 марта в Домотексе Азии

увидимся 20 марта в Домотексе Азии

номер стенда: e3g38 Дата: марш, 20-22. часы работы: 20 марта (вторник) 09:00 - 18:30 21 марта (среда) 09:00 - 18:30 22 марта (четверг) 09:00 - 15:00

ISO 4586 Resistance to scratching

29.1 Principle Increasing loads are applied in specified steps to a diamond scratching point of defined geometry The resistance to scratching of the decorative laminate sheet under test is expressed as a numerical rating which defines the maximum applied load which does not produce a continuous surface scratch. The test result is verified by visually confirming that the next higher load-step produces a continuous scratch. 29.2 Materials 29.2.1 Contrast medium, e.g, graphite, talcum, or solution of dye in alcohol, to contrast with the colous of the sheet under test. 29.2.2 Supply of cotton fabric 29.3 Apparatus 29.3.1 Scratch testing apparatus, (see Figure 18), consisting of the following parts: Stand, with a device to indicate the horizontal, for example a spirit level Motor driven turntable, able to rotate about a vertical axis without play. The rotational frequency shall be (5 +/- 1) revolutions per minute. Arm, carrying the holder for the diamond, mounted on a ball bearing, with a horizontal axis The height of this axis shall be adjustable so that the arm is exactly horizontal when the scratching point rests on the test specimen Means of applying a known load, with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 N to the scratching point. Hemispherical diamond scratching point, with a point radius of (0,090 ± 0,003) mm and an included angle of (90 ± 1) degree (see Figure 19). (The diamond shall be mounted in the holder with the flat part on the leading side of the shank facing the working direction.) NOTE 1   The crystal axis of the diamond shall be parallel to the longitudinalaisof the diamond holder. The dimensions of the diamond holder are approximate and are for information only. NOTE 2   Diamond Points conforming with these dimensions and profile are available from: Cie Weinz, Industrie Edelstein Fabrik, Postfach 2740, D-55743 Idar-Oberstein, Germany: and through Erichsen GmbH and Co. KG, D-58675 Hemer-Sundwig/Westfallen, Germany NOTE 3 This is an example of a suitable product that is available commercially. This information is given for the convenience of users of this part of ISO 4586 and does not constitute and endorsement by ISO of this product. Clamping disc, to keep the test specimen flat 29.3.2 Viewing enclosure, having a matt black interior and a light source (defined below) located at the top. Its dimensions shall be such that the test specimen is located vertically below the light source and at a distance of 600 mm. An aperture in the front shall allow inspection of the test specimen at various angles from a distance of (400 ± 10) mm. A diagram of a suitable enclosure is shown in Figure 20. The light source consists of a 100 Watt frosted bulb, mounted in a white reflector having ar aperture of approximately 140 mm diameter and producing an illumination of 800 lx to 1000 lx at the specimen surface. 29.3.3 Conditioning chamber, in accordance with ISO 291, with a standard atmosphere of (23±2) ℃ and relative humidity (50 ± 5) %. 29.4 Calibration of apparatus Place the diamond point on the table of the electronic balance (see 29.3.4) and, with arm in a horizontal position, verify that the position marks for sliding weight correspond to the load values shown in Table 4. If not, move weight as necessary to achieve the correct loads, and mark the correct positions on arm. Table 4 ---- Load values Position mark 1,0 N 2,0 N 4,0 N 6,0 N Load (grams force) 102 +/- 1 204 +/- 1 408 +/- 1 612 +/- 1 Standardization of the apparatus shall be carried out at least once a year. 29.5 Test specimen The test specimen shall be a square of side (100 ± 1) mm cut from the sheet under test. One specimen shall he tested. Wipe the specimen sur face using cotton fabric (sse using cotton fabric (see 29.2.2) impregnated witl ed in the test area. Before making the scratch test, store the specimen for 72 h in the standard atmosphere specified in 29.3.3 29.6 Procedure Make sure that the stand of the test apparatus is standing horizontally. Adjust the height of the arm so that it is horizontal when the diamond point rests on the test specimen. Start the test by making two scratches at 1,0 N load with a spacing of 1 mm to 2 mm between the scratch marks. On the same specimen repeat this procedure with loads of 2,0 N, 4,0 N, and 6,0 N, leaving a space of mm to 5 mm between each pair of scratches. Remove the specimen from the apparatus and rub the entire scratched area of the surface with a suitable contrast medium (see 29.2.1) so that it is engraind in any scratches. Carefully wipe the surface with clean cotton fabric (see 29.2.2) to remove any excess contrast medium which is not engrained in a scratch. This procedure is necessary to ensure that only true scratches are considered, and superficial hairline polish marks are ignored Place the specimen against the centre support in the viewing enclosure (see 29.3.2) in a position so that the specimen can be viewed at right ...

Find WPC Delamination issues before shipemt

Our inspector arrived at the factory and started regular project testing. 1. Material Use of recycled material can result in excessive swelling, delamination and warping, our inspector will observe the flooring material color, smell etc. to judge whether factory using virgin/ recycle material. 2. Appearance and Size, Number - Defects, fissures, wrinkles, holes, Offset printing, delamination, peeling, Gloss unevenness, Press mark, Spots, bubbles, scratches, discoloration etc. - Length, Width, Thickness - Patent sticker - Order number and Loading Number After check over, all items looks good. Then factory without any test equipment because it's new. 3. Physical and Chemical Performance Requirements The SPC flooring process machines are automatic, which greatly improve the production efficiency, but the stability of the control of the floor is difficult to increase, so we will do the spc testing as follow: 1. Dimensional changes after heating( 6hrs at 80℃) 2. Curl after 6hrs at 80℃ 3. Fitting degree (film paper and SPC core) 4. Density test 5. Tensile strength test 6. Ply Adhesion 7. Abrasion resistance 8. Surface scratch resistance 9. Hardness test 10. Customized test We take back the samples and spent a lot of time to test the flooring performance to ensure the flooring quality. We will try our best to ensure our customer benefit, assist them to find issues, solve issues.          

предварительная инспекция предварительная инспекция

проверить исходный материал на заводе

наш инспектор проверяет сырье перед производством

обслуживание напольных покрытий обслуживание напольных покрытий

рекомендации по уходу за полами из твердых пород древесины зимой

из-за сухого состояния зимой, паркетный пол потеряет влагу, что мелкая трещина или линии как наша мягкая кожа. таким образом, нам нужно больше внимания уделять обслуживанию напольных покрытий лиственных пород зимой.

стеновые эвкалиптовые напольные покрытия стеновые эвкалиптовые напольные покрытия

стеновые эвкалиптовые напольные покрытия

размер: 12x140x500 / 700/1200 мм соединение: t & g обработка поверхности: древесный ручной лом / пиломатериалы транспортная упаковка: 10шт / кор moq: 500 кв.м.


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бесплатная консультация

мы ориентируемся только на инспекции пола, мы стараемся помочь вам решить все вопросы в области пола.